Organic Ingredients For Baking

Posted on: 28 March 2017


When you buy organic ingredients for baking and cooking, you're using items that have been grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically-modified organisms and radiation. To make sure you are purchasing authentic organic food, look for the United States Department of Agriculture's certification label. 

While organic products are sometimes more pricey than their conventionally-grown counterparts, they may be healthier to eat as they contain fewer chemicals, growth hormones and other unnatural additives. For the freshest taste, choose organic produce and other products that are locally-sourced. 

If you want to serve your family all-natural baked goods on holidays, during celebrations and as an everyday treat, consider using organic ingredients. You don't have to use all organic products in your recipes, as just a few can make a difference. 

Here is a list of some organic baking ingredients and tips on how you can use them:

1. Flour and Sugar

Organic white and wheat flour, as well as organic brown, white and cane sugar, is typically easy to find at even conventional grocery stores. If you plan on making all-organic baked goods, your flour and sugar must be, too. 

You can use organic flour and sugar to make a wide range of homemade treats, such as cakes, pies, muffins, scones, doughnuts and cookies. Since they are pantry staples, use them to make other all-natural recipes from scratch, including biscuits and cornbread. 

2. Dried Fruit and Preserves 

Some types of produce, including berries, peaches, apples and pears, are known to be more contaminated with pesticides than other types, so try to opt for organically grown when possible. Check local farmer's markets and stands if you can't find them in grocery stores.

Use organic dried fruit to naturally sweeten cookies, muffins, cakes and scones. You can also make a healthy and filling fruit and nut loaf, which if firm, moist and ideal for breakfast, mid-day snacks or even dessert.

If you have a jar or two of organic berry or apricot preserves that you want to use up, use them to layer a cake, naturally flavor and color frosting, or fill pastries and muffins. 

3. Chocolate Chips

Organic dark or milk chocolate chips will give any baked good a rich, decadent touch. Use certified organic chocolate in your favorite cookie recipe, add it to a brownie mix, or melt it and cover organic strawberries and banana slices with it.

You can also add them to muffin or pancake batter as a sweet treat.